About Us

With 25 years of experience in manufacturing denim jeans for world renowned brand around the world, two young brothers plan to cater Pakistan market in making the jeans in most luxurious way.
AxF-Denim Lab brings in the most innovative, exclusive and premium fabrics, stitched with customised production area to ensure each garment fits perfectly and washed with the unique techinque to create rich denim that has never been seen before in Pakistan.
AxF-Denim lab, brings in premium denim products for Men’s, Women, Boys, Girls and babies.
AxF-Denim Lab is well aware of the denim craze that drives the Pakistan market in each segment.


Our Logo is carefully designed with Indigo Blue Color being shown as washed down in many shades that can be achieved on a pair of jeans.
We intend to use that Denim Magic through our washing to create products of all shades of Blue that our Customers will Love.


As we hear about Denim, we automatically assume Indigo Blue color. This is because among all the dye, Indigo dye is the most popular and widely used consisting of almost 67% of all the dyes used for denim production. The indigo color is the principal source of the almost magical appeal of denim. The dye imparts a brilliant blue hue to fabric. In fact, there is no other dye that creates such an intense blue color with so few carbon atoms in its molecule. Indigo is unique in its ability to impart surface color due to partial penetration in cotton fibers. The unique feature of indigo dyed denim is the possibility of achieving wash down effects on repeated washing without losing the freshness of the color.


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